Member Forms

Below you will find common member forms, arranged by topic.

A signature is required for most forms; some forms may also require notarization. NHRS is unable to accept electronic signatures. All forms must be printed then signed. Submit completed forms to the New Hampshire Retirement System office by mail: 54 Regional Drive, Concord, NH 03301, by fax (603) 410-3501, or by email to [email protected]. When sending confidential or sensitive information, we recommend using our free, easy-to-use secure email portal or a similar encryption tool.

If you are a My Account  user, you can access and submit the following forms with the click of a button when you are logged onto My Account: Personal Information Change Form, Estimate Card, Designation of Death Beneficiary(ies) Pre-Retirement form, and Previously Withdrawn Service Purchase form. If you aren't a My Account  user, no worries. Click here to learn how to get connected.

Retirement Application Packet for Service/Vested Deferred Retirement

The forms listed below must be completed and submitted to NHRS to apply for retirement. All required forms/copies must be submitted at least 30, but not more than 90 days prior to the effective date of retirement, which is always the first of the month.

Click here for a complete Group I (Employee and Teacher) application packet

Click here for a complete Group II (Police and Fire) application packet

See links below to download and print individual forms from the application packets

Retirement Check List
Group I (Employee and Teacher) Application
Group II (Police and Fire) Application
Mandatory Acknowledgement Form
Form W-9
Form W-4P
Electronic Direct Deposit Form
State Employee Health Insurance Pre-Application
Additional Contribution Payment Election Form

Note: Members may also apply for retirement directly through My Account, the retirement system's secure online member portal. Click here to access your My Account.

All Member Forms

Additional Contributions
Additional Contribution Payment Election Form 
Member Request to Update Voluntary Additional Contributions Calculation
Voluntary Additional Contributions Submitted by Member

Designation of Beneficiary Forms
Designation Of Death Beneficiary(ies) (Pre-Retirement)
Death Benefits Designation of a Trust as Beneficiary

Pre-Selection of a Survivorship Option
Pre-Selection Before Service Retirement

Refund Packet
Member's Request for a Trustee-to-Trustee Transfer
NHRS Special Tax Notice Regarding Your Rollover Options
Payment Option Instruction Checklist
Refund Application
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9)

Request for Calculation of Service Credit Purchase
Employer Enrollment Oversight
Military Service Prior to Joining NHRS
Modifications (Service before the Employer joined NHRS)

Previously Withdrawn Service
Non-Permanent, Probationary, or Temporary
Peace Corps/AmeriCorps Service

Miscellaneous Member Forms
Personal Information Change Form
Estimate Card
Mandatory Acknowledgement/Certification

More forms

Retiree Forms are available here.

Employer Forms are available here.