NHRS Employer Contribution Rates for FY 2019

  • Employers

NHRS fiscal 2019 employer contribution rates take effect July 1, 2018. These rates are unchanged from the current fiscal year 2018 rates.

Exceptions Instructions Available to Employers

  • Employers

NHRS has developed a set of written instructions explaining how to clear some of the most common exceptions found during the monthly reporting process.

NHRS Trustees Adjust Payroll Growth Assumption for Teachers

  • Employers

The NHRS Board of Trustees voted unanimously to adopt a revised actuarial assumption for payroll growth for Group I teacher members in response to the continued decline in the number of active teachers.

2018 NHRS Legislative Update at Crossover

  • Legislation

Five bills related to NHRS were passed by the N.H. House of Representatives in 2018 and have crossed over to the N.H. Senate for further action. In addition, five bills were passed by the Senate and sent to the House. The two bills that have generated the most interest among retirees, members, and employers are HB 561, which deals with working after retirement for a participating employer, and HB 1756, which grants an additional payment to certain retirees in 2019.

Myers appointed to Board of Trustees

  • Board of Trustees

Scott Myers, the city manager of Laconia, was recently appointed to the NHRS Board of Trustees as employer member.

Clinton appointed to Independent Investment Committee

  • Independent Investment Committee

Christine Clinton of Dublin was recently appointed to the NHRS Independent Investment Committee (IIC) as a public member.

Lesko appointed to NHRS Board, Independent Investment Committee

  • Independent Investment Committee
  • Board of Trustees

Timothy Lesko of Hopkinton was recently appointed to the NHRS Board of Trustees as a public member.

Decennial Retirement Commission Report Available

  • Decennial Commission

A statutory commission charged with reviewing and making recommendations to ensure the long-term viability of the New Hampshire Retirement System issued its final report in January.

NHRS Releases GASB 68 Reports for Fiscal Year 2017

  • GASB
  • Employers

Information in the reports will help employers comply with financial reporting requirements

NHRS Employer Notification: Legislation with Potential Cost Impact

  • Legislation
  • Employer Notices

Pursuant to RSA 100-A:14, XII, NHRS is issuing this notice to inform participating employers about legislation that may have a cost impact on political subdivision employers.

New Financial Accounting Standard Takes Effect for NHRS Employers in 2018

  • Employer Notices

Employer contribution costs will not be impacted

Decennial Retirement Commission Update

  • Decennial Commission

A statutory commission charged with reviewing and making recommendations to ensure the long-term viability of the New Hampshire Retirement System released a series of legislative recommendations earlier this month and is close to issuing a final report. The 17-member Decennial Commission, established under RSA 100-A: 57, issued 12 recommendations. All of the recommendations are non-binding; legislation would have to be introduced and enacted into law.

NHRS Releases 2017 Annual Reports

  • CAIR
  • Summary CAFR
  • CAFR

Financial report, summary financial report, and investment report available online

NHRS Legislative Update: Retained 2017 Bills

  • Legislation

New Hampshire House and Senate committees took action this fall on eight bills related to NHRS that were retained in committee during the 2017 legislative session, including a bill that would impact NHRS retirees working after retirement for participating employers.

NHRS Member Interest Rate for Calendar Year 2018

  • Members

The New Hampshire Retirement System member interest rate for calendar year 2018 will be 5.25 percent.

NHRS Director of Investments Recognized as a Top Public Pension CIO

  • Investments

Larry Johansen, NHRS Director of Investments, was recently recognized as one of the top 30 pension chief investment officers in the country by Trusted Insight, an investment trade publication.

My Account Signups Back Online; Security Enhancements Added

  • Retirees
  • Members
  • Employers

My Account, the secure online portal for New Hampshire Retirement System members and retirees, is now available for new account creation following a security upgrade.

Member Annual Statements Available on My Account

  • Members

The Fiscal Year 2017 Member Annual Statements for all NHRS members who are not yet retired have been posted to My Account, the retirement system’s secure online portal.

NHRS Realizes 13.5% Investment Return in FY 2017

  • Investments

NHRS realized a 13.5% return on investments in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017, outperforming the Total Fund benchmark return of 11.9%. At the close of the fiscal year, the retirement system’s unaudited net position held in trust was $8.29 billion, an increase of approximately $820 million over the prior fiscal year.

Retiree Insurance Authorizations Go Online

  • Employer Notices

Authorized employers and third party administrators now have the ability to process retiree insurance authorizations and manage insurance benefit changes through the Data Reporting System (DRS). This new insurance feature will save time over the current process, where employers must submit paper forms and rely on NHRS to complete various insurance authorizations.