My Account 2.0

Since its launch in 2010, thousands of members and pension recipients have signed up for My Account, the New Hampshire Retirement System’s secure online portal where users can access their personal account information from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

NHRS recently launched My Account 2.0, an updated version of our popular portal with new features, better navigation, and enhanced security. 

Because this is an entirely new website, members, retirees, and beneficiaries – even those with an existing account – will need to set up an account in My Account 2.0.


New users and people with inactive accounts can initiate the account setup process by requesting a unique personal identification number (PIN) letter from NHRS.

For a limited time, existing users can use their current username and password to initiate the account setup process.

Why My Account  2.0?

Along with existing features, such as the ability to update your contact information,  generate benefit estimates; file for retirement electronically; and view and download your annual member statement or retiree 1099-R form, My Account 2.0 also features:

  • An archive of submitted forms and benefit estimates.
  • The ability to receive correspondence from NHRS electronically instead of via U.S. mail.
  • A more integrated message center, allowing users to easily upload and securely send documents and forms to NHRS.
  • Improved navigation and a more robust help menu.
  • The ability to change your username.
  • Enhanced security with the addition of stronger password requirements and the use of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Because of these changes, we eliminated the – admittedly annoying – requirement to change your password every six months.

In addition, retirees can:

  • Generate and reprint income verification letters on demand.
  • Make changes to direct deposit and tax withholding electronically.
  • Enjoy easier-to-read monthly payment summaries.

And, members can:

  • Enjoy more detailed benefit estimates that show all survivorship options by default.
  • Save and review prior estimates.