My Account

You probably plan to receive NHRS pension benefits someday. Maybe you already do. Either way, you’ll want to sign up for NHRS My Account. Keeping track of your personal benefit information and planning for retirement has never been easier.

  • My Account  provides members with access to information such as account summaries and balances, beneficiary designations, contact information, and Member Annual Statements.
  • Update your contact information: My Account  users no longer have to submit a paper form to notify NHRS if they move, get married, or change their telephone number or email address. Simply use the “Update Personal Information” form under the “NHRS Online Forms” link that will appear once you log into My Account.
  • Members may also use the online estimator to calculate an estimate of future retirement benefits based on various scenarios, such as retirement date and survivorship options.
  • My Account  provides retirees with access to personal data such as account balances, beneficiary designations, year-to-date retirement benefit summaries, deductions, direct deposit status, and federal withholding information.

Setting up an account is quick, secure, and easy. Get connected and create an account today!