Legislative Updates

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2018 Session

2018 Legislative Tracker (4/20/18)

Key: + - Bill has been enacted into law; * - Bill is dead; # - Bill has been tabled or retained in committee.

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House Bill 561
As amended by the Senate, this bill would limit new retirees working part-time for participating employers to a maximum of 1,300 hours per year, except in pre-reported situations where a retiree would be allowed to work up to 1,600 hours per year provided the retiree and his or her employer pay a surcharge to the retirement system. New retirees would also have to wait 28 days from their effective date of retirement before they could work in a part-time capacity for a participating employer. The amendment also contains a financial penalty for any retirees exceeding the statutory limits on annual hours worked. The effective date is 1/1/19. Retirees currently working part-time would not be subject to the 1,300-hour limit or the surcharge for as long as they remain in the position they hold on the effective date of the bill.

House Bill 1427
As amended by the Senate, this bill links the application of the reduction of a Group I retiree’s annuity to his or her full retirement age under the federal Social Security system.

House Bill 1603
This bill requires that one of the public members of the NHRS Independent Investment Committee be an active member appointed from a list of nominations provided by public employee labor organizations.

House Bill 1748 *
This bill allows a part-time judge of the circuit court to retire and collect a pension under the provisions of RSA 100-A and elect senior active or judicial referee status.

House Bill 1754 *
This bill establishes a state retirement plan for new public employees who begin service on or after July 1, 2019, which is structured as a defined contribution plan.  All new Group I and Group II members employed by the state and political subdivision employers on or after July 1, 2019, will be required to contribute to the defined contribution plan, which will be administered by the state treasurer, the Department of Administrative Services, and a benefits advisory committee.

House Bill 1756
This bill grants a one-time additional allowance to certain retirees in the state retirement system. The bill also creates a cost of living adjustment contingent on funding.

House Bill 1757 #
As amended, this bill modifies the Group I pension benefit formula for members eligible to retire before age 65 and grants a new “post-retirement payment” to future Group I retirees.

House Bill 1805
This bill establishes a committee to study level dollar amortization of the retirement system unfunded actuarial accrued liability (UAAL) and increases NHRS trustee terms from 2 years to 3 years.  

House Bill 1817
This bill establishes the position of state demographer and a commission on demographic trends; allows for the inclusion of a demographic analysis as part of the legislative fiscal note process; and requires some state agencies to prepare 10-year current services cost projections (NHRS is required to project 10-year state retirement contributions based on current employer contribution rate and member payroll data.)

House Bill 1823
This bill requires the retirement system to amortize annual unfunded liabilities accrued on or after July 1, 2017, for a closed, fixed period of no longer than 20 years. As amended, the bill also increases NHRS trustee terms from 2 years to 3 years.

Senate Bill 324
This bill allows a retiree whose election of a retirement system optional allowance was terminated as a result of a final divorce decree or final settlement agreement to nominate a current spouse after remarriage for a new optional allowance.

Senate Bill 458
This bill provides for the election by a certain surviving spouse of a Group II member to purchase up to one month of creditable service.

Senate Bill 532 *
This bill allows six department of corrections positions to be classified as Group II if filled by members with at least 10 years of prior Group II service.

Senate Bill 538
This bill moves officers of the state office complex police force into Group II of the retirement system.