New NHRS Retiree


Congratulations on your recent retirement!

NHRS would like to congratulate you on your recent retirement. We have been here to serve you throughout your career, from the day you enrolled as a new member to the day you applied to retire. This relationship does not end at retirement. NHRS staff continues to be at your service.

We realize that when you retire the amount of information can be overwhelming! On this page we have compiled several resources that we hope you will find helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Part-time Employment of NHRS Retirees
Reading Your IRS Form 1099R

Informational Video

 6 Things Every New Retiree Should Know (6:08)

Additional Handouts and Links

NHRS Fact Sheet
After You Retire Newsletter
Group I Pension Recalculation
Benefit Payments/Electronic Direct Deposit
Tax Information
Retirement Connection Blog

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My Account

Don’t have a My Account? What are you waiting for? Keeping track of your personal benefit information has never been easier thanks to My Account, the retirement system’s secure online portal where users can access their personal account information from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. My Account provides retirees with access to information such as account balances, beneficiary designations, year-to-date retirement benefit summaries, deductions, direct deposit status, and federal withholding information. In addition, My Account users no longer have to submit a paper form to notify NHRS if they move or change their telephone number or email address.

Click here to sign up.