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News and notes for NHRS retirees and beneficiaries

This page contains items in the current retiree newsletter, along with timely items from prior newsletters. (Sometimes, you might even see some items slated for upcoming newsletters that we want to share early.)

Let Us Know How to Reach You

Apr 01, 2024
Be sure to update your contact information (address, phone number, or email) whenever it changes.
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Follow Pending Legislation

Jan 10, 2024
Information regarding bills introduced in the 2024 legislative session related to the retirement system can be found on the NHRS website.
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2024 Federal Tax Information

Dec 28, 2023
NHRS is providing this general information as a courtesy to our retirees. If you have additional tax questions, you should consult with the IRS or your tax advisor. The retirement system cannot provide advice regarding federal income tax issues.
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Federal income tax withholding on monthly retirement benefits

Nov 17, 2023
This notice is being provided in accordance with federal regulations that require NHRS to notify you every year of your right to change your federal income tax withholding. The most recent Form W-4P that you have filed with the retirement system automatically remains in effect, unless you file a new Form W-4P. If you do not wish to make an election or to change your prior election, no action is necessary.
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Employment of Retirees with NHRS-Participating Employers

Oct 27, 2023
This annual notice is being provided pursuant to RSA 100-A:7-a, which requires the NHRS to provide annual written notice to retirees regarding the statutory limitations on post-retirement employment with NHRS-participating employers.
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Common Questions New Retirees May Have

Sep 13, 2023
When you retire, there's a lot to process. Here is some general information addressing the most common questions NHRS gets from new retirees.
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Software Transition Causing Delays

Sep 01, 2023
NHRS is currently transitioning to a new version of its pension administration software, which has led to anticipated delays in some processes and transactions. We thank you in advance for your patience with this necessary upgrade.
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Protecting Against Identity Theft

Jun 30, 2023
There are several free steps that anyone can take immediately if they believe they are at risk of identity theft.
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What Have NHRS Retirees Been Up to in Retirement?

Mar 16, 2023
We asked NHRS retirees what they have been up to since beginning their retirement, and received many submissions from talented and adventurous retirees. Check them out!
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Watch Out for 'Scammy' Emails

Dec 02, 2022
It seems like every few months we are contacted by a member or retiree asking if an email they received was legitimate. The fact that they have to ask us almost always means the email wasn’t from NHRS.
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Financial Literacy and Retirement Resources

Apr 08, 2022
The retirement system provides a lifetime benefit to eligible members, however, the pension is only one component of a secure retirement.
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Why It’s Important to Notify NHRS When a Retiree or Beneficiary Dies

Nov 04, 2021
It is important for a survivor of a pension recipient to notify NHRS when a retiree or a beneficiary dies. Such notification ensures that NHRS appropriately adjusts the monthly benefit or pays any remaining undistributed member contributions to the designated beneficiary(ies).
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Preliminary and Final Benefits for New Retirees

Jul 19, 2021
Upon retirement, retirees receive initial notice confirming their preliminary pension amount. Generally, it takes three to four months for the pension to be finalized. At that time, a second notice is mailed to the retiree, confirming the final pension amount.
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Tips on Enjoying Retirement

Oct 07, 2020
Alright, so you have worked all your life to end up in this position that many desire...retirement. Here are some step-by-step instructions to help you enjoy your retirement.
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Has Your Name or Address Changed?

Jun 24, 2019
Be sure to update your contact information (address, phone number, or email) whenever it changes.
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