NHRS Policies

NHRS is governed by New Hampshire RSA 100-A, rules and regulations, and Federal laws including the Internal Revenue Code. NHRS also implements policies adopted by the Board of Trustees. These laws, rules, regulations, and policies are subject to change.

Alphabetical Index of NHRS Board of Trustees’ Policies


FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Governance Manual 2024PDF1.32 MB15 Feb, 2024 Download
Guide to the Administrative Appeals ProcessPDF100.69 KB17 Apr, 2015 Download
Actuarial FundingPDF407.71 KB10 Sep, 2020 Download
AuditPDF47.39 KB22 Oct, 2018 Download
Board Resolution Interpreting System AssetsPDF90.08 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
CommunicationPDF120.14 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Data Security PolicyPDF33.44 KB05 Mar, 2020 Download
Employer WithdrawalPDF86.38 KB22 Oct, 2018 Download
EthicsPDF138.60 KB26 Feb, 2020 Download
Fraud PolicyPDF23.36 KB03 Oct, 2016 Download
Gainful Occupation Offset Waiver PolicyPDF19.33 KB25 May, 2017 Download
IME ReviewPDF8.59 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
IndemnificationPDF84.97 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Investment Advisor Quarterly Report of Political Contributions FormPDF107.08 KB26 Feb, 2020 Download
Investment ManualPDF1.02 MB12 Apr, 2023 Download
Mandatory Distribution PDF93.69 KB08 Mar, 2017 Download
Medical Review of Disability Recipients PolicyPDF68.26 KB24 Oct, 2023 Download
Member ServicePDF83.37 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
OFAC PDF79.76 KB22 Oct, 2018 Download
Pension Recoupment and HardshipPDF25.06 KB12 Aug, 2015 Download
Political ContributionsPDF99.45 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Private Markets DisclosurePDF60.24 KB22 Oct, 2018 Download
ProcurementPDF64.95 KB08 Nov, 2023 Download
Proxy Voting PolicyPDF185.62 KB12 Apr, 2023 Download
Securities LitigationPDF67.56 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Service PurchasePDF76.38 KB08 Mar, 2017 Download
Strategic PlanningPDF71.01 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
TravelPDF66.49 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Trustee EducationPDF84.47 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Trustee Employer ReimbursementPDF58.65 KB04 Nov, 2014 Download
Weapons PolicyPDF123.31 KB21 Jul, 2021 Download
Voluntary Correction ProgramPDF163.29 KB12 Apr, 2023 Download