NHRS QuickPay

NHRS has partnered with Citizens Bank to create “NHRS QuickPay,” an online bill pay service to facilitate the submission of employer contributions via ACH (Automated Clearing House) at no cost to participating employers.

ACH, an electronic network for financial transactions, is the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective way to send payments to the retirement system. Benefits to the employer include:

  • Cost savings by not printing and mailing checks.
  • Better cash management – you can set a pre-established effective date when the payment leaves your bank and the funds are remitted to NHRS the same day.
  • ACH payments are more secure than checks because bank account and ABA numbers are entered into a secure system and encrypted.
  • Eliminate potential mail delivery issues that could result in late payment penalties; payment status can be tracked more efficiently.
  • ACH payments do not require humans to read digits and/or OCR software to electronically read handwriting, which results in lower error rates.

See links below for step-by-step instructions and a link to NHRS QuickPay:

Note: If your bank account has a debit block or another similar security feature, please contact your bank to make the necessary arrangements to allow this payment to be processed from your account. For additional information on this process, see the instructions above. 

Please contact the NHRS Finance Department if you have any additional questions about this service.