Social Security

With retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits, Social Security is an important building block for a secure retirement. Almost all NHRS Group I (Employee and Teacher) members* participate in Social Security.

Group II (Police and Fire) members and their employers do not contribute to Social Security for NHRS service, however, they may earn credits toward a Social Security benefit through other employment. There is an offset for public employees who do not participate in Social Security called the “Windfall Elimination Provision” (WEP) that can reduce the amount of the Social Security benefit earned by police and fire members through other employment. In addition, members who did not participate in Social Security could see a decrease in their Social Security spouses or widows or widowers benefit under the Government Pension Offset (GPO).

Reminder: The retirement system is not connected with Social Security. Your NHRS pension benefit will not be affected by when you choose to receive Social Security, or how much you receive.

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Here are links to Social Security resources:

AARP also offers a Social Security Resource Center.

*A small number of Group I employers do not participate in Social Security. Check with your employer to confirm participation.

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