2021 Session

2021 Legislative Tracker

Key: + - Bill has been enacted into law; * - Bill is dead; # - Bill has been retained in committee or rereferred.

* - House Bill 130

This bill clarifies how the state retiree insurance premium determined by the Department of Administrative Services is applied by NHRS for retirees and beneficiaries who are eligible for the Medical Subsidy.

* - House Bill 141
As amended, this bill allows counties to exempt newly hired chief administrative officers from NHRS participation. The bill also requires all employers who exempt their chief administrative officer to pay NHRS the unfunded liability portion of the employer contribution rate on the salary of the chief administrative officer. (The liability payment is prospective and any pre-existing municipal exemptions are not affected.) 

+ - House Bill 173
This bill requires the quarterly report of the retirement system’s Independent Investment Committee (IIC) to include a description of investment fees. The bill also requires IIC reports to be available on the retirement system’s website. (Chapter 0005, Laws of 2021; effective 6/22/21)

* - House Bill 274

This bill provides that the state shall pay five percent of local employer contributions for Group I teachers and Group II police and fire members. 

* - House Bill 390

This bill extends the period for amortization of the retirement system unfunded liability as of June 30, 2017, by five years to 2044. The bill requires a recertification of fiscal year 2022 and 2023 employer contribution rates to account for the change.

* - House Bill 497

This bill allows a school district to have its superintendent not be required to be a member of the retirement system and by contract to provide for an equivalent payment to such superintendent for contribution in private retirement accounts. 

# - House Bill 536

This bill eliminates the retirement system offset for workers' compensation benefits applicable to Group I accidental death benefit annuities. Note: This bill also establishes a death benefit, funded by the state, for a municipal or state public works employee killed in the line of duty. 

# - House Bill 619
This bill designates police and fire dispatchers as Group II members of the retirement system. 

* - Senate Bill 72

Relative to a state share of retirement system contributions by employers.

* - Senate Bill 119

This bill allows the spouse of an active Group I or II member who was eligible for service retirement to receive the maximum retirement benefit the member would have been eligible for but for his or her death.

# - Senate Bill 153

This bill establishes a disability retirement benefit and a medical insurance benefit for a group II police or fire member who is violently injured in performance of duties.