Early Service Retirement

Tier C: Group II (Police and Fire) Members hired on or after July 1, 2011

Members with at least 25 years of Creditable Service may receive a reduced allowance after age 50.

Pension Calculation

  • Calculate the pension payable under Service Retirement
  • Apply the appropriate permanent reduction to determine the early reduced pension amount payable under Early Retirement

Reduced Pension

Group II members who receive an Early Retirement pension will experience a permanent reduction in their pension amount.

The reduction applied to an Early Retirement pension is ¼ of one percent for each month prior to age 52.5 the pension commences. Different provisions apply to members with Split Benefits.

Pension Calculation Example:

A Group II member retires with 25 years of Creditable Service at age 50 with an Average Final Compensation of $40,000:

Pension Formula payable at age 52.5 or older:
Average Final Compensation multiplied by 2% multiplied by Creditable Service
= approximate annual pension amount


$40,000 multiplied by 2% multiplied by 25 = $20,000 (approximate annual pension amount prior to Early Retirement reduction)

  • Age 50 is 2.5 years before age 52.5 (2.5 years of early retirement)
  • 2.5 years of early retirement equals 30 months
  • 30 months multiplied by ¼% equals = 7.5%

$20,000 x 7.5% = $1500 (permanent reduction per year at age 50)
$20,000 – $1500 = $18,500 (approximate early reduced annual pension amount payable at age 50)