Vested Deferred Retirement

Tier A: Group II (Police and Fire) Members vested prior to January 1, 2012

Eligibility for Vested Deferred Retirement

Even if a member’s active NHRS membership ends prior to eligibility for Service Retirement, the member may be entitled to a Vested Deferred Retirement pension from NHRS in the future under the following conditions:

  • The member has a minimum of 10 years of Creditable Service when the member terminates active membership; AND
  • The member does not withdraw his/her accumulated contributions from NHRS. (A member’s accumulated contributions are equal to the sum of all mandatory NHRS contributions deducted from a member’s compensation, any additional contributions and any contributions made by a member for purchases of service credit, plus credited interest.)

Pension Eligibility

Members who occupied a police or fire position and meet the conditions listed above will be eligible to receive a Vested Deferred Retirement pension at the earlier of age 60 OR when they would have completed 20 years of Group II service, but not before age 45.

Pension Calculation

The benefit will be computed using the Group II Service Retirement pension formula for Tier A members.

Split Benefits – Service in Both Group I and Group II

Different provisions may apply to members with Split Benefits. Contact NHRS to speak with a Benefits Specialist.

Filing for Vested Deferred Retirement

Vested Deferred Retirement pensions do not begin automatically. In order to receive a Vested Deferred Retirement pension, members must file for benefits.

Death of Members Who Are Not in Active Service

If a vested member’s death occurs after active NHRS membership ends and before the member receives a pension, a refund of the member’s accumulated contributions will be payable to the member’s designated beneficiary(ies) or estate.