Service Retirement

Group I (Employee and Teacher) Members hired on or after July 1, 2011


Group I members are eligible to retire at age 65 or older regardless of their years of Creditable Service. Different provisions apply to members with Split Benefits.

Annual Pension Calculation

The following calculation is based on the maximum retirement allowance payable and does not include any applicable reduction under an Optional Allowance.

Average Final Compensation divided by 66 multiplied by Creditable Service
= approximate annual pension amount

Annual Pension Calculation Example:

A Group I member retires with 30 years of Creditable Service at age 65 with an Average Final Compensation of $30,000:

Annual pension calculation ages 65 and older:
$30,000 divided by 66 = $454.54 multiplied by 30 years = $13,636.20


Filing for Retirement - Filing deadlines and requirements

Members may be eligible for Early Retirement when certain provisions apply.