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To mark our 50th anniversary in 2017, the retirement system is showcasing photos of our members at work through the years. We are posting new photos every Thursday on Facebook and Twitter (hashtags #throwbackthursday #tbt #nhrs50) and compiling them here. For a better view of an image, click on it to open a larger version.


This photo, taken at the State House in 1991, features Local Vocational Director Wilbur “Webb” Palmer (left) who the Alvirne High School Vocational-Technical Center is named after and Dr. G. William Porter, then Deputy Chief of DOE’s Vocational Technical Division. Dr. Porter would soon oversee the funding and construction of the $6.5 million Hudson project. Behind them are (then) freshman state Senator Jeanne Shaheen and her husband Bill. Webb Palmer passed away in September of 2016. Dr. Porter turned 80 this year.

This photo, submitted by Suzanne Chappell, was taken 10 years ago today – December 21, 2007. The photo was taken at the Department of Information Technology, Agency Software Division during their ‘Yankee Swap’ luncheon and end of year meeting.

This photo, submitted by Bill Weaver, features employees of the Division of Accounting Services at the Department of Administrative Services celebrating Christmas in 2005.

Here is a photo of a Laconia Department of Public Works crew doing pick-up at Bike Week.

This 1996 article from the Keene Sentinel features Richard Cote, an investigator with the Division of Weights and Measures. In the article’s photos, Cote reweighs a package of beef in a Keene grocery store (left), and reads a gas pump’s number before testing its pumping accuracy (right). 

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Happy Thanksgiving! NHRS is thankful that we live in such a beautiful state – and for our hard-working members and retirees.

Photo 1: John Hamer giving last-minute solo advice to a 5th grade student before performing at a bank opening.
Photo 2: Patriots fans from the City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration, February 2015 (Pats win!) Ruth Anderson, who retired in 2015, with her coworkers Laura and Linda.
Photo 3: Retired firefighter Paul Nichols in a 2004 photo taken while fighting a building fire in Manchester.

Here is a photo of Robin Baker taken while she was working as the Deputy Town Clerk for Rye, NH in 2008.

Here’s a photo of Neal Steiger with then-Governor Jeanne Shaheen celebrating NHCTC-Laconia’s (now Lakes Region Community College) on-site training at Scotia Technology (manufacturers for the aerospace industry).

Here is a photo of NHDOC Lt. Jim Brown receiving the Meritorious Service Award from Commissioner William Wrenn, alongside his wife, Mrs. Susan Brown.

Happy (almost) Halloween! This photo was submitted by Gloria Nelson, one of our former employees who has since retired. Gloria, featured front and center, was celebrating Halloween with her NHRS coworkers, including former Executive Director Harry Descoteau, in this 1990’s picture.

Here’s a photo of a Department of Resources and Economic Development (DRED) truck taken while cleaning up after a king tide at Hampton Beach State Park.

Here is a photo of Judith LaFreniere, taken while working for the Hollis-Brookline school district. She has recently completed 16 years of service.

Here is a photo of Dan Meehan, a Rochester firefighter who retired in 2016 after 21 ½ years of service. This photo was taken on September 17, 2014 in Rochester, NH.

This photo of Deanna Denman with friend and former supervisor Sgt. Chuck Occhipinti was taken in the Communications Center at Windham PD in 2009. Deanna was a Dispatcher for Windham Police from 2001-2011 until she became a Secretary for Exeter Police from 2012-13. She then worked for the Hollis PD as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief until retiring this past June.

Here’s a photo of Officer Barry Morgrage of the Goffstown PD on a 1959 Harley Davidson trike prior to leading the Memorial Day parade in 1967.

This is a photo of Anne Bartlett with her husband, Dan. Anne retired from Londonderry High School in June 2016 after serving 28 years at LHS (and a total of 32 years in the profession of school counseling). She enjoyed her career and worked with mostly high school students, apart from four years spent working with middle school students.

This photo features equipment and vendors at the 2015 New Hampshire Road Agent’s Mountain of Demonstration event. During this event, equipment, techniques, and safety are reviewed for department of public works employees.

Jean Hussey worked as an Educator Assistant for the UNH Cooperative Extension in Rockingham County for 16 ½ years. She made many fond memories before retiring in 2009, and now lives in New Hampshire during the summers and Florida in the winters.

Here is a photo taken in the late 1990s of Lt. Frank Santin (Dover PD) and Captain Michael Golding (Durham PD) attending a Police Expo at McIntosh College in Dover.

Here is a photo of Antoinette Harvey, who served as the Dover Junior High School (now Dover Middle School) nurse from 1969-1990.

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These photos, submitted by the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, feature various NH Liquor Stores at differing locations throughout the years. Although exact dates are unknown for some of them, they appear to range from the 1930s-1960s.

Photo 1: Former Liquor warehouse, which is now the Bureau of Graphic Services on Storrs Street. (Year unknown). 
Photo 2: Liquor Store #3 in Manchester. (Year unknown).
Photo 3: Liquor Store #5 in Berlin. (Year unknown). 
Photo 4: Liquor Store #7 in Littleton. (Year unknown).
Photo 5: Liquor Store #12 in Center Harbor. (Year unknown).
Photo 6: Liquor Store #3 in Manchester (1937)
Photo 7: Liquor Store #3 in Manchester (1964) 
This photo features Firefighter/EMT Daniel Kellett (right) with a visiting group from Japan. The volunteer, named Takihiro, was dressed up to show everyone how firefighters do it in New Hampshire. This is Engine 5 at Station 5 in Penacook, taken in 1977.

Here is a photo of Karyn Hannigan, taken while she was the Disability Adjudicator for the Disability Determination Service at the Department of Education. Karyn worked for the DDS from September 1994 until her retirement in 2010.

Here’s a photo of Richard Lee, Director of Public Works in New London, receiving the New Hampshire Road Agents Employee of the Year Award in 2015 with his crew.

Here is a photo of John Gardiner while on duty in 1991. This photo was taken while he served the Town of Carroll as Police Chief from 1985-2006. 

This photo of Detective George “Skip” Bateman riding Magic was taken on Hampton Beach during the first year of the Hampton Police Mounted Patrol in 1981. Both horse and rider have since retired.

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“…there were ten of us working in Room 100 of the State House. As I remember it, each of us needed a good, strong writing hand and much patience, because almost everything was done manually back then. Especially intriguing was the Group I retirement benefit calculation. The process involved as many steps as the member had years of credited service…30 steps in the case of the 30-year member, for example. Even while using the calculator, the process was tedious. This was when the Group I benefit was integrated with Social Security. There is no doubt in my mind that those calculation efforts honed our math skills as well as provided us with a very detailed knowledge of the System.”

─Harry Descoteau, NHRS Executive Director, October 1992

Here is a photo of John Duffek while working as the elementary counselor at Alton Central School. This photo was taken in 1999 during a classroom guidance program for the Kindergarten featuring hand puppets “Candoo & Willdoo”— often mistakenly referred to by the students as “Candoo & Mildew.”

Here is a photo of Loudon Police taking down a huge Marijuana field in July 2000. All three officers are still together now working in Waterville Valley.

Here is a picture of Peter Forgione with his late father, John Forgione, at the 103rd Academy graduation in July 1994. Peter is now retired from the Nashua Police Department.

Michael Hamilton was a Milford High School English Teacher for 35 years before retiring in 2004. This picture was taken in his classroom in 1974.

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“…what comes to mind, also, is how much the level of legislative activity has increased. Back in ’67, the number of retirement-related legislative proposals was minimal. Today, the legislative process seems to be ongoing. And, as you may recall, the Legislature met only every two years, not every year.”

--Harry Descoteau, NHRS Executive Director, 1992

The 1967 NHRS Statutory Provisions compared to the latest 2016 Statutory Provisions-- what a difference!

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We’d like to dedicate this Police Week’s "Throwback Thursday" to our police members and retirees, and extend a huge thank you for helping and protecting us on a daily basis. Your service is sincerely appreciated!

Photo 1: Here is a photo of Bill Mulligan while he was Chief of Police at the Merrimack Police Department. Bill was on the department for 33 years and held every rank from Patrolman to Chief, a position he held from 2002-2007. 
Photo 2: This photo of John Glennon with K9 Shane was taken in the early 1980’s. John worked for the Bedford Police Department for 22 years. 
Photo 3: A photo submitted by Michael Golding of members of the Durham Police Officers' Association, taken around 1980.
Photo 4: Here is a photo of Sgt. Anthony Deluca of the Rochester Police Department taken before he retired in 2016. Some of Sgt. Deluca's career stats include: 

1648 arrests 
2252 traffic stops 
2940 offense reports

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In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week and Tuesday’s National Teacher Day, we’d like to extend another big thank you to our teacher members and retirees!

Photo 1: This photo submitted by Lisa Payeur was taken at Somersworth High School in 1998. She was supporting Scott who was becoming fatigued at his graduation! Scott entered public school for the first time as a sophomore, and absolutely loved it!
Photo 2: Cornish Elementary School staff celebrating Fire Safety Week in 2014.
Photo 3: This is a photo of Peggy Albertson posing with a few students in a music classroom.
Photo 4: A photo submitted by John Hamer, moving to songs from “Bugs” integrating the Arts and Science in a Music Workshop at Plymouth State University.

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In honor of Saturday’s Kentucky Derby –the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown– here are some photos submitted by Ruth Anderson, a retiree formerly working for the City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration. 

Photo 1: Preakness Race Hat Day- May 20, 2011 (L-R) Ruth A., Pat M., & Sue M. –City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration & Tax Departments.
Photo 2: Belmont Race Hat Day- June 2011(L-R) Linda C., Sue M., Laura D., Flor L., Sharon C., & Ruth R. –City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration, Tax, & Risk Departments.
Photo 3: Preakness Race Hat Day- May 16, 2013 (L-R) Susan M., Nancy N., & Darlene –City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration & Tax Departments.
Photo 4: Kentucky Derby Hat Day- May 1, 2015 (L-R) Darlene, Ruth R., David F., Karen, & Debbie M. –City of Nashua Motor Vehicle Registration & Tax Departments.

A picture of Salem NH Fire Department Lt. Dave Smith setting up Tower Truck #1 on the Amesbury Street Bridge in Lawrence, Massachusetts on the afternoon of August 7, 1994. The fire in the background is on the 4th floor of one of the many buildings destroyed in that day's six alarm fire during the arson spree in the 1990's. It is known as the Mickey's Sporting Goods Fire, which was located on Merrimack Street near the bridge where the photo was taken.

Here is a photo of (left to right) retired DRED Commissioner George Bald, Linda Corriveau receiving her 30 year certificate (also now retired), and current DRED Commissioner Jeff Rose.

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These photos were taken in 1992-1993 when the retirement system was in the process of building its new home at 4 Chenell Drive in Concord. NHRS was outgrowing its space in the office building just around the corner at 54 Regional Drive (where the new E-Z Pass location recently opened). Over the next 13 years, NHRS worked from this building before moving back across the street to a larger section of 54 Regional Drive in March 2006. Why, you ask? We were outgrowing that space, too! Now with 58 employees, we remain happily situated at 54 Regional Drive.

This photo is of Judith E. Pelleteri pouring meds at the Merrimack County Nursing Home where she was employed as a LPN from 1989 to 1999. She loved working on the Special Care Unit and was notably the only LPN (as of that time) to ever have received MCNH's Nurse of the Year Award.

This photo of Andy D’Amico was taken in his lab at John Stark Regional High School in 2010. He taught engineering at the school until he retired in 2013. In retirement, D’Amico continues to teach physics and engineering at a small private school six hours per week.

Here is a picture of Len DiSesa at a 2008 Christmas parade. DiSesa retired as Deputy Chief of the Portsmouth Police Department in 2009.

Dennis Harrington is in his final year as principal of Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury, NH. He is the only principal the school has ever had. He previously worked in Somersworth and is a former NH Principal of the Year. In this photo, he can be seen talking with a parent volunteer, Jim Davis (himself a retired NH firefighter) about the sugarhouse that was built by the community on the property of the school.

Diane worked at SAU 39 as the Payroll & Benefits Specialist and was also a Foster Parent for the Nashua District. The teachers from the Amherst School District donated many gifts for the foster children for a number of years.

Firefighter Dan Donovan and the Salem Fire Department.

A picture from the judicial branch call center opening on January 4, 2012. 

Pictured, left to right, Cheryl Herbert (Family Division), Lisa Cassavaugh-Deschene (District Division), and Sheri Warburton (Probate Division), with Jane Bradstreet, Call Center manager.

This picture of Kathy was taken in the Assessor's Office at Lebanon City Hall about 20 years ago.  She worked for the City for 19 years and retired in 2006.

The firefighter featured in this picture driving the horses is Ernest D. George, father of Richard George who also served in the Claremont Fire Department and retired as an Assistant Chief.

This picture is of Fran at the Pelham Elementary School (Sherburne School) “Arts for All” celebration of National Youth Art Month in 1982. For the seven years that she worked for the school, she would invite local artists to come and share their art with her elementary students.

fma paulszocfma davecarterfma edmattson
These pictures were taken sometime in the early 1980's of dispatchers working at Southwestern NH District Fire Mutual Aid Dispatch Center in Keene, NH. The three dispatchers pictured – from left, Paul Szoc, David Carter, Edwin Mattson – have all retired.

These pictures were taken sometime in 1968-1969 while Martha (Lamson) Butterfield was employed as a secretary for the college director at the former NH Vocational-Technical College when it was located on Lafayette Road in Portsmouth.

In the summer of 1978, Martha moved to Concord where she worked for a few months at the technical college. Then in late December 1978, she transferred to work at NHRS where she had many enjoyable years of employment. Martha started in a secretarial position and moved on to a Field Auditor/Representative and retired from that job in 2005.