2022 Session

NHRS Legislative Tracker (Final)

Key: + - Bill has been enacted into law; * - Bill is dead; # - Bill has been referred to interim study.

* - House Bill 1079

This bill increases the annual number of hours a retiree may work for a retirement system employer to 1,664 and eliminates the initial 28-day restriction on such part-time employment after retiring.

+ -House Bill 1221

This bill, which originally dealt only with business taxes, was amended to require the state to reimburse 7.5 percent of local employer contributions for Group I teachers and Group II police and fire members paid in fiscal year 2022. This bill also repeals RSA 100-A:16, II(c-1), a dormant section of the statute relative to employer contributions for fiscal year 2012.

* - House Bill 1257
This bill requires the NHRS Independent Investment Committee to sell, redeem, divest, or withdraw from investments in securities of companies that have direct holdings in active business operations located in China.

+ - House Bill 1318
This bill establishes an employer penalty for noncompliance with certain data reporting requirements necessary for the administration of the retirement system. 

* - House Bill 1417

This bill provides that the state shall pay 7.5 percent of local employer contributions for Group I teachers and Group II police and fire members.

+ - House Bill 1497
This bill allows a member of the retirement system to elect a survivorship optional allowance upon joining the retirement system. The election will not be effective until the member attains eligibility for a monthly benefit. An active member may modify the election at any point in his or her career. As amended, the bill incorporates the language in HB 1557 changing the time frame of the post-retirement grace period to change a survivor benefit optional retirement allowance. 

+ - House Bill 1535
As amended, this bill grants a one-time $500 payment to retirees and beneficiaries retired prior to or on July 1, 2017, who have an annual pension benefit of $30,000 or less.

* - House Bill 1549

This bill allows retired Group II police members to work special duty law enforcement details and not have the special duty hours count against the annual limit on part-time hours.

# - House Bill 1557
This bill changes the time frame of the post-retirement grace period to change a survivor benefit optional retirement allowance. (Note: The text of this bill was incorporated into HB 1497.)

+ - House Bill 1587

This bill modifies the calculation of compensation paid in excess of the full base rate of pay under the definition of Average Final Compensation for Group II members who commenced service prior to July 1, 2011, and who had not attained vested status prior to January 1, 2012. 

* - House Bill 1590
This bill establishes a procedure for political subdivision members of the retirement system to vote to withdraw from participation for its Group I employees hired after the effective date of the vote.

+ - Senate Bill 363

This bill allows members who commenced Group II service between January 1, 2002 and June 30, 2011 to purchase nonqualified service time in order to reduce certain transition provision requirements for retirement.

# - Senate Bill 411

This bill establishes a new disability benefit for Group II members retired due to a violent injury.

# - Senate Bill 434
This bill links the recalculation of a Group I retiree’s annuity to his or her full retirement age under the federal Social Security system. 

2021 Retained Bills

+ - House Bill 536

This bill eliminates the retirement system offset for workers' compensation benefits applicable to Group I accidental death benefit annuities. Note: This bill also establishes a death benefit, funded and administered by the state, for a municipal or state public works employee killed in the line of duty. 

* - House Bill 619

This bill designates police and fire dispatchers as Group II members of the retirement system. 
# - Senate Bill 153
This bill establishes a disability retirement benefit and a medical insurance benefit for a group II police or fire member who is violently injured in performance of duties.