Board of Trustees

The members of the New Hampshire Retirement System Board of Trustees are appointed and serve pursuant to RSA 100-A:14.

NHRS is not a state agency under the executive branch; it is a component unit of the state governed by statute and overseen by the Board of Trustees. Trustees are fiduciaries bound by law to act solely in the interest of the participants and beneficiaries of the pension plan.

NHRS is administered by a 13-member Board of Trustees that includes one employee member, one teacher member, one firefighter member, one police officer member, four employer representatives, four public members, and the State Treasurer.

All trustees – with the exception of the State Treasurer, who serves ex officio – are nominated by the governor for three-year terms and must be confirmed by a vote of the Executive Council.  Any newly appointed or reappointed trustee must have familiarity with or experience in finance or business management.

The governor is responsible to designate one of the public trustees to serve as chair of the board.

NHRS Board of Trustees Governance Manual

Board Members


Timothy Lesko

Public member



Robert Maloney

Public member


Maureen Kelliher

Public member

 Scott Christensen

Scott Christensen

Public member 


Melvin Friese

Employee Member


Andrew Martineau

Fire Member

 William Hart

William Hart

Police Member


Sue Hannan

Teacher Member


Donald M. Roy

Employer Member
NH School Boards Association


Scott Myers 

Employer Member
NH Municipal Association


Christopher Coates

Employer Member
NH Association of Counties



Employer Member
State of NH

 Monica Mezzapelle LR Color

Monica Mezzapelle

State Treasurer

Board Committees

  • Audit: Mezzapelle (chair), Coates, Friese, Lesko, Kelliher
  • Benefits: Coates (chair), Friese, Hart, Roy
  • Governance: Roy (chair), Christensen, Hannan, Maloney, Mezzapelle
  • Legislative: Myers (chair), Christensen, Hannan, Maloney
  • Personnel, Performance and Compensation: Hart (chair), Lesko, Maloney, Myers

Board Public Materials

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Public Board Materials - February 2021PDF4.39 MB03 Feb, 2021 Download
Public Board Materials - January 2021PDF5.26 MB06 Jan, 2021 Download
Public Board Materials - December 2020PDF14.01 MB03 Dec, 2020 Download