Employer Reporting Penalties

Apr 15, 2024

As part of the transition to the new employer Data Reporting System (DRS), the automated penalties for late posting of monthly wage and contribution data have been turned off since late 2023. At this time, NHRS plans to re-institute late reporting and payment penalties beginning with the reporting of May member data due June 15.

The integrity of the data that NHRS receives from employers is crucial to its ability to effectively administer retirement benefits. Without timely and accurate payroll information and payment of contributions, the retirement system cannot post member interest, issue refunds to terminated members, or correctly calculate or finalize pensions for recent retirees.

For those employers that are up to date with their reporting, we thank you and appreciate your diligence in ensuring you are reporting and submitting payments on time.

For those employers that are behind, this advance notice is an opportunity to get your reporting and payments current to avoid these penalties.  Any reports or payments for any prior periods that are made after June 15th will have penalties assessed.

As always, we are here to assist you and encourage you to contact us with any questions or support that you may need at exceptions@nhrs.org or at 603-410-3500.

For more information on employer reporting and payment penalties, see: https://www.nhrs.org/employers/employer-resources/reporting-and-payment-penalties

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