FAQ: Member Annual Statements

Last updated: October 2017

NHRS Member Annual Statements are available online via My Account, the retirement system’s secure online portal. Below are answers to some common questions concerning Member Annual Statements.

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What is a Member Annual Statement?

Every year, NHRS provides all members who are not yet retired with a one-page statement regarding their member account, including service, wage, contribution, and beneficiary information.

How do I view my Member Annual Statement online?

Members are able to view, print, and download their annual statement through My Account. Previous Member Annual Statements going back to 2009 are also available to review and download. To view a statement, log onto My Account, click on Member Statement and select the appropriate year you want to review.

What if I don’t have a My Account?

It’s easy to register for My Account.

  • Go to www.nhrs.org/my-account
  • Click on the “Click here to sign up for My Account” link to open the registration page and fill in the required information. Instructions are available under the “Help” link at the bottom left of the page.

Note: To protect against attempts to fraudulently access member information, NHRS uses a two-step registration process to set up new accounts. For more information, see: https://www.nhrs.org/my-account/my-account-additional-information

When are Member Annual Statements available?

Statements are typically available in early fall. NHRS will post a notice online when statements are available and also notify subscribers to our email list.

Do retirees receive this statement?

No. Member Annual Statements are sent to active members, as well as inactive members who have kept their contributions with the retirement system.

I am having trouble understanding some of the information on my statement?

NHRS has prepared an informational graphic to assist members. Click here to view the graphic.

NHRS previously mailed out these statements. What if I want to continue receiving my Member Annual Statement in the mail?

NHRS changed the default delivery option to online in 2015 as part of the retirement system’s ongoing efforts to conserve environmental resources and reduce administrative and mailing costs. However, members may still request a paper statement by changing their preference to mail delivery. Click here to download the NHRS Annual Statement Delivery Preference Form or call (603) 410-3500, Press 3 to request a form be mailed to you.