2014 Session

Final 2014 Legislative Tracking Summary

Links to NHRS-related Bills

Key: + - Bill has been enacted into law; * - Bill is dead; # - Bill has been tabled or retained.

House Bill 1101 *

This bill requires the retirement system to recover overpayments made due to errors in records or calculation of benefits, and establishes a legislative study committee to review NHRS policies and procedures regarding benefits wrongfully paid and the methods used for the recoupment of such overpayments.

House Bill 1126 *

This bill establishes a legislative committee to study alternative public employee retirement plans.

House Bill 1130 +

This bill makes changes to the Northeastern Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact, including an amendment to RSA 100-A which allows retirees to exceed the 32-hour per week statutory limit on part-time employment “while providing assistance during an emergency.” For purposes of this section, an emergency includes any event declared by the governor or while working under the direction of the director of the Division of Forests and Lands during woodland fire control.

House Bill 1148 #

This bill provides for the application of the reduction of a Group I retiree’s annuity to begin at the retiree’s full retirement age under the federal Social Security system. The reduction currently commences upon attainment of age 65 for all Group I retirees.

House Bill 1152 +

This bill repeals the optional benefit program available to eligible call, substitute, or volunteer firefighters through the retirement system, and provides for the refund of remaining funds after the completion of payments to the two remaining beneficiaries.

House Bill 1398 +

This bill allows the retirement system to make a payment of $15,000 or less to the next of kin of a deceased member when no probate proceedings are pending.

House Bill 1399 #

This bill establishes a time frame for filing an application for Vested Deferred Retirement with the retirement system.

House Bill 1493 *

This bill suspends a retiree’s pension benefit for exceeding the statutory limitations on part-time employment with a retirement system employer outlined in RSA 100-A:1, XXXIV. The bill also clarifies the membership requirements for officials appointed for fixed terms.

House Bill 1494 +

This bill: (1) adds definitions of terms used in RSA 100-A and clarifies existing definitions; (2) revises the procedure for calculating the cost of purchasing credit for certain types of prior service; (3) clarifies the ability to earn service credit while on a salary continuance plan; (4) corrects an inconsistency in the statute regarding the approval date of the comprehensive annual financial report; (5) adds penalties for employers who fail to remit correct data in a timely manner; and (6) repeals obsolete provisions.

House Bill 1563 #

This bill grants Group II status to certain positions in the department of corrections. Persons employed in those positions with service prior to the effective date shall be eligible for split benefits.

House Bill 1617 +

This bill grants NHRS electronic access to a limited data set of death, marriage, and divorce information of members and beneficiaries held by the Division of Vital Records Administration for purposes of administering RSA 100-A.

Senate Bill 339 +

This bill authorizes the state Department of Administrative Services to contract for a credit card affinity program in which fees received are directed to offset the retirement system’s unfunded liability.

Senate Bill 364 *

This bill increases the Group II Service Retirement benefit formula for members hired on or after January 1, 2012; it also establishes a supplemental defined contribution plan – effective April 1, 2014 – for Group I members hired on or after January 1, 2012, to which employers are required to contribute an amount equal to 4% of the member’s base pay.

Senate Bill 395 *

This bill addresses the retirement system member classification of the director of the Division of Forests and Lands.