2015 Session

Final 2015 Legislative Tracking Summary

Links to NHRS-related Bills

Key: + - Bill has been enacted into law; * - Bill is dead; # - Bill has been tabled or retained.

House Bill 139 *
This bill modifies the statutory limits on part-time employment of NHRS retirees working for participating employers in regard to work performed during an emergency. 

House Bill 182 *

This bill establishes a legislative committee to study alternative public employee retirement plans. 

House Bill 369 #

This bill establishes a defined contribution retirement plan for public employees and requires the issuance of a request for proposals for plan administration. Beginning November 1, 2015, all new hires by employers participating in the retirement system shall be enrolled in the public employee defined contribution plan. 

House Bill 396 *

This bill replaces the weekly limit on hours worked by NHRS retirees working for participating employers with an annual limit of 1,664 hours. 

House Bill 556 #

This bill establishes a cash balance pension plan for all NHRS members hired on and after July 1, 2015. 

House Bill 682 *

This bill grants Group II status to certain positions in the department of corrections. Persons employed in those positions with service prior to the effective date shall be eligible for split benefits. 

Senate Bill 85 *

This bill establishes a statutory commission to study postretirement employment of New Hampshire retirement system retirees by participating employers. 

Senate Bill 129 #

This bill allows a retired member of the retirement system to change an optional allowance (i.e. “survivorship option”) after the statutory 120-day grace period in cases where the executive director finds that circumstances require the change. 

Senate Bill 164 *

This bill establishes terms for NHRS Independent Investment Committee (IIC) members and requires at least one seat on the five-member IIC be reserved for a public employee member of the NHRS Board of Trustees.