Watch Out for Misleading Calls, Emails

Nov 22, 2023
  • Members
  • Employers

NHRS has been contacted concerning calls and/or emails members have received recently from third parties soliciting them to sign up for a free retirement appointment and/or provide personal information.


Members and employers have reported receiving questionable solicitations from multiple entities over the past several months. The reported incidents below are listed from newest to oldest:

  • Active Campaign (November 2023): Email from District-advice subject line: “Retirement Assistance for (employer name)”; sent under the name “Avery Parker”
  • State of NH retirees have reported receiving automated calls from 1-603-399-5495 that show up on their caller ID as "NHRS/Aetna." These calls have nothing to do with NHRS or Aetna. The state Division of Risk and Benefits is advising retirees to use the phone number on their insurance card to contact Aetna if they have questions.
  • Active members have reported receiving calls from random 603 numbers. The caller says they are from Employee Retirement Assistance. 
  • Email from American Pension and Retirement Services – subject line: “Assistance For New Hampshire State Pension Members"; sent under the name “Sue Love” on behalf of "T. Murphy"
  • Phone call to members' work extension  (caller may identify himself as "Rod" or "Aaron"). If member agrees to meeting, a follow-up online calendar invitation for a retirement appointment with "Katherine Joslin" is sent via "calendly" website. 
  • Email from Teachers Future/Teacher Pension Help– subject line: “State Retirement information for (school name)”; sent under the name “Haley Rivera”
  • Email from My Pension Assistance – subject line: “(employer name) Annual Pension Review”; sent under the name “Jordan Williams”
  • Email from Advisor Appointments – subject line: “Retirement Reviews”; no sender name
  • Email from District Retirement Advisor – subject line: “New Hampshire State Pension/Retirement Review”; sent under the name “Hannah Petersen”
  • Email from LA Pension Planners - subject line: "Pension Review with Christian Ardon"; sent under the name "Christian Ardon"
  • Email from Teacher Pension Review - subject line: "State pension info for ..."; sent under then name "Thomas Harper"

These entities are not affiliated with NHRS.

NHRS does, from time to time, send out emails listing upcoming general information events, but we do not send unsolicited emails to set up individual one-on-one appointments.

Suspicious emails, voicemails, and other solicitations are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Knowledge is the best defense for your personal information and financial well-being. If you ever receive an unsolicited communication that purports to be from NHRS, please let us know by emailing

Members looking for information about NHRS benefits are encouraged to go directly to the source. We provide many different ways for you to stay informed. 

  • Visit our website,, to learn about benefits, download forms, find answers to frequently asked questions, and get updates on legislation.
  • Attend a live member education webinar. Visit to find an upcoming presentation.
  • Visit our YouTube page to view recorded presentations.
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 Updated 9/12/23