What's changing with DRS upgrade

May 03, 2022
Beginning with this message, our next round of communication will focus on some of the specific updates / enhancements that employers will experience with the new Data Reporting System (DRS), which is currently scheduled to go-live in the fall of 2023. The list of topics below describes the changes that will directly result from the reporting file format changes. If any of this information is not currently included in your payroll software, please reach out to your payroll software provider to explore options for capturing this information to include it in your monthly reporting file.
  • Pay periods and pay dates will now be set up in the system for each employer by pay frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly), and the pay dates submitted in your monthly reporting file will be compared with what is expected based on that setup. If you pay different groups of employees on different frequencies, please reach out to NHRS at PGV3DRS@nhrs.org to let us know.
  • Contract information for Teacher members will now be required in the system and reported monthly, which should eliminate many of the end-of-school year exceptions.
  • Employers will be required to provide the reason for a salary variance by selecting from a drop down menu, allowing employers to clear those exceptions themselves. 
  • New Hires and employees transferring from one employer to another will now be required to be reported through the file or via web entry with paper enrollment forms no longer required. 
  • Terminations will now be required to be reported through the file or via web entry, with the ability to indicate “final pay” for a member and with paper termination forms no longer required.
  • Employers will now be able to securely upload any member documents required by NHRS through the DRS.

If you have questions about these updates / enhancements or anything else project-related, please reach out to NHRS at PGV3DRS@nhrs.org. Thank you