What's changing with DRS upgrade – Part 2

Jun 01, 2022

This is our second communication focused on some of the process changes/enhancements that employers will experience with the new DRS. The list of topics below describes some of the enhancements that employers will see on the new DRS site:

  • New transmittal notifications, such as notification when a member reported in the monthly reporting in in one month then drops off the reporting in the subsequent month or when a DRS user has not submitted their reporting in a timely manner.
  • Multiple DRS users at an Employer will all be able to subscribe to notifications.
  • New web-based DRS Portal features:
    • A “dashboard” containing a snapshot of the most current information for each employer, including notification messages and reporting statuses.
    • Employers will have more control validating and correcting their transmittal information.
    • Single screen view for wages/contributions and exception clearing.
  • DRS users will have the ability to view and clear multiple transmittal exceptions (e.g. warnings) at one time.
  • Payment voucher fields will be automatically populated with dollar amounts from posted reporting. Note: The payment amount is validated to ensure it matches the voucher total. Payments will not be accepted before the batch is posted.
  • Two-factor authentication for log-in security and automation of password reset for DRS users.
  • DRS users will be able to securely upload member documents required by NHRS for employer reporting purposes.

If you have questions about this list, or anything else project-related, please reach out to NHRS at PGV3DRS@nhrs.org. Thank you.