DRS Upgrade Information for Employers

Jun 19, 2020

For Immediate Release: June 19, 2020
Heather Fritzky, NHRS Assistant Director of Finance, at (603) 410-3540 or heather.fritzky@nhrs.org

The New Hampshire Retirement System (NHRS) is in the early stages of a multi-year upgrade of its pension administration database software, known as PensionGold (PG). The upgrade from Version 2, which has been in operation since 2002, to Version 3 is expected to be completed in 2023. The employer Data Reporting System (DRS) is a component of PensionGold, so this upgrade will have an impact on member, retiree, and insurance reporting by our participating employers.

NHRS will provide periodic updates to employers regarding this project, including advance notification of any changes to current processes that may require action by the employer.

At this time, NHRS has determined that the following current options will not be available in the upgraded DRS:

NHRS will no longer accept comma-delimited or fixed-length files once the DRS upgrade is complete. Monthly reporting will continue to be accepted via XML file upload or web entry. Most employers already report via XML file or web entry and will not be impacted much by this change, although both the XML file format (“schema”) and the web entry screens will change as part of the upgrade; employers will be notified of the new formats as soon as they are available – we are anticipating late 2020. The limited number of employers who upload comma-delimited or fixed-length files, will need to modify their payroll software to change the way their files are generated or switch to web entry before the upgrade goes live, which is scheduled for February 2023. Although NHRS will continue to accept comma-delimited or fixed-length files for the immediate future, the retirement system strongly suggests not waiting until the last minute to address this issue. Once we notify employers about the new XML file format and the new web entry screens, we would be happy to work with you and your payroll software provider to determine the best method for submitting your data.

The current “work around” that some employers use to clear the “Duplicate Posted Records Exist” exception will not be allowed after the DRS upgrade. This exception occurs when multiple payments are issued to a member in the same pay period (example: regular pay and payout of accrued leave time paid in separate checks). The length of any reported pay period will be required to match the pay period frequency established for each individual employer at time of set up. For example, employers with a biweekly pay period frequency must submit files containing pay periods of two weeks. NHRS is asking employers to stop utilizing the work around now, and coordinate with their payroll software vendor to address this issue through the file creation process. Some vendors have already modified their software to combine multiple payments made for the same pay period into a single entry for NHRS reporting purposes.

NHRS will be reaching out to the major payroll software vendors serving NH employers regarding both of these changes, but we also encourage you to contact your account representative directly. NHRS can provide technical guidance to employers and/or their payroll vendors related to these changes and is happy to assist.

Additional changes, if any, will be communicated to employers as they are finalized. 

If you have questions on these changes, please contact Heather Fritzky, NHRS Assistant Director of Finance, at (603) 410-3540 or heather.fritzky@nhrs.org.

More information

NHRS has created a page to provide employers with periodic updates throughout the project. As we get farther along, we will provide updated technical information, instructional materials, and training to employers. To view the page, visit: https://www.nhrs.org/employers/employer-resources/drs-upgrade-project


In February, NHRS sent employers a link to an online survey to gather some employer-specific information needed for this project. The general information being requested on this survey is extremely important to this effort. If you did not respond to this survey yet, please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NHRS-employer-spring-2020