Paycode Project

Apr 16, 2021
In January, we asked all participating employers to send us a list of the pay codes they use for paying employees who are members of NHRS. Thank you to those employers who have provided that information. For those employers yet to do so, please email your lists to

In our initial request, we attached a pay code reporting template containing the content and format of the information we are requesting, however if you have an existing pay code list that contains this information, please feel free to submit that in lieu of filling out the attached template. If you need a copy of the template or have any questions about the survey, please send them to the above email address.

As a reminder, we are collecting this information to conduct a review of the pay codes to ensure they are reported in the proper salary bucket for contribution reporting purposes (i.e. base pay, compensation over base (COB), “detail pay” (ESDP), or not reportable as earnable compensation). The NHRS compliance team will review the list from each employer and communicate the results back to the employer. Participation in this survey will not result in any employer penalties if there are reporting errors identified.