The Importance of Termination Forms

May 08, 2023

When a member terminates employment to retire and begin collecting a pension benefit, NHRS sends his or her employer a termination form to document recent wage information and payments made after the termination date, if any.

NHRS cannot finalize the benefit payment until this information is received. An extended delay in finalizing the retirement benefit may have an adverse impact on your former employee.

The forms, along with instructional graphics and recorded presentations on how to fill them out, are available here under the Employer Forms menu.

Note: The employer information provided on this form should match the employer information contained in the monthly wage and contribution report submitted through the NHRS Data Reporting System (DRS). We recommend that the individual who submits reporting files to NHRS either completes this form or reviews it before it is sent to NHRS in order to avoid inconsistent reporting and delays.