DOE Eliminates Certification for School Business Administrators

Jun 13, 2023

Change will impact which NHRS member category positions should be enrolled as

The NH Department of Education (DOE) has eliminated the certification requirement for Business Administrator (BA) positions effective June 30, 2023. It is NHRS’ understanding that BA’s who are currently certified will retain their certification until it lapses.

Currently, certified BA’s are enrolled in NHRS as Teacher members. Because the Teacher classification under NHRS is a function of a member’s job requirements – meaning each employer has had the discretion to determine whether DOE certification is required to hold a BA position – NHRS has determined that those employers who require BA certification should also have the discretion to determine the timing of the change in member classification from Teacher to Employee. Such a decision can be made no earlier than July 1, 2023, but no later than the date on which an individual’s current certification lapses. If an employer decides to use a date prior to the certification lapsing, any certification requirements must first be removed from the member’s job description.

In addition, the employer must notify NHRS, at the time of the change is classification, by filing a new enrollment form indicating the member’s change in status from Teacher to Employee. The effective date of the reclassification should coincide with the first day of a payroll period.

For charter schools only, this change in classification means that the individual becomes an Employee member and is no longer entitled to participate in NHRS. In those cases, the retirement system does not need to be notified; the employer would just cease to submit contributions.

Employers with additional questions may contact Mark Cavanaugh, NHRS Associate Counsel and Compliance Officer at (603) 410-3592 or

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