Employer Reporting

Member Payroll Reporting

Employers are required to send member and employer contribution payments and corresponding data files to the New Hampshire Retirement System by the 15th of each month in order to avoid the imposition of penalties for late payment.

Retiree Data Reporting (HB 342)

Employers are required to report monthly to the retirement system information regarding NHRS retirees on their payroll, including hours worked and compensation paid. This requirement is pursuant to RSA 100-A:16, VII. (House Bill 342, Chapter 251, Laws of 2013). A penalty of $25 per day for late or incorrect reporting of retiree data may be assessed; this also applies to employers who fail to submit a report to indicate that they have no retiree data to report for any given month. The retiree reporting requirement is scheduled to end effective January 1, 2019.

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Using the NHRS Data Reporting System (DRS)

Employers may submit member payroll reporting files via web entry or XML, comma-delimited, or fixed-length files.  For employers not using web entry and submitting a file, XML is the preferred method among the three choices.

Employers must contact an Employer Services representative to obtain an initial NHRS assigned password. 

During the first login, employers will be required to create a new password for future logins.  DRS passwords will need to be a minimum of eight characters in length.  Passwords must have a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters.  In this mixture you must have at least one letter (A through Z, upper), one number (0 through 9) and at least one special character: ~!@#$^()_,.'?+-=

If employers attempt to log into DRS unsuccessfully three times, a lockout will occur.  Passwords will be automatically reset after 10 minutes.  In the event an immediate sign on is necessary, please contact a NHRS DRS Support representative at (603) 410-3508 for assistance. 

NHRS remains committed to ensuring the security of our equipment and data.  Therefore, passwords must be changed every 120 days.  This feature protects confidential employer and NHRS data.

Logging into the Data Reporting System (video)

Logging into the Data Reporting System (user guide)

Employer Reporting Files

The following file layouts for reporting member wage and contribution data are available for download by employers and/or their payroll vendors: 

 XML Schema (Preferred method)

Comma Delimited


These revised files were developed pursuant to House Bill 2 (Chapter 224, Laws of 2011), which required employers to change the way in which member compensation is reported to NHRS.

Need help?

Employer Reporting: (603) 410-3674

Questions related to monthly wage and contribution file submission, rejected batches, batch exceptions, assistance with reconciling monthly batches, XML file uploads, web entry, voucher completion, payment/refund questions, payment penalties, HB 342 reporting, and employer contact changes.