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NHRS is in the midst of a multi-year upgrade of its pension database product, known as PensionGold (PG). The upgrade from Version 2, which has been in operation since 2002, to Version 3 is expected to be completed in 2023.

The employer Data Reporting System (DRS) is a component of PensionGold, so this upgrade will impact member, retiree, and insurance reporting by our participating employers, although this won't occur until 2023. NHRS has created this page to provide employers with periodic updates throughout the project. As we get farther along, we will provide updated technical information, instructional materials, and training to employers. 

In recent years, we have surveyed employers about their use of the DRS and solicited suggestions for improving and streamlining the reporting processes; that feedback will be taken into account throughout the project. To be be certain we have the most current and accurate information regarding our employers we may be sending additional surveys and requests for information out over the coming year. 

Latest news

  • NHRS Employer Profile (September 2021): NHRS has created an employer profile form for each employer containing certain contact and payroll details that we currently have on file. We are in the process of sending these profiles to each employer by email.

  • Data Conversion Topics (June 2021): While the scheduled implementation of the upgrade to the Data Reporting System (DRS) is still nearly two years away, NHRS has begun the process of identifying data currently reported by employers that will not be compatible with the new DRS. We are notifying employers about these issues now in an effort to provide ample time for them to make the necessary changes to their reporting submissions. Employers are encouraged to make these changes as soon as practicable.

Questions about the project?

If you have further questions about this upgrade, let us know.