NHRS Employer Contacts

Employer Audit
(603) 410-3681; [email protected]
Audit questions; interpretation of RSA 100-A and administrative rules; employer education; reports of non-compliance; exemption of certain positions from mandatory participation for elected and appointed officials, unclassified and non-classified employees of the state, and chief administrative officers of cities and towns 

Employer Reporting and Payment
(603) 410-3532; [email protected]
Questions regarding monthly wage and contribution file submissions; rejected batches; XML file uploads; web entry; contribution rates; employer contact changes; voucher completion; exceptions and retiree reporting questions/errors. 

Employer Reconciliation, Refunds, and Penalties
(603) 410-3676; [email protected] 
Questions regarding payment/refund requests; reporting and payment penalties and employer reconciliation. 

Member Accounting 
(603) 410-3500, Press 3; [email protected]
Enrollment; beneficiary changes; name changes; address changes 

Member Benefits
(603) 410-3500, Press 3; [email protected]
Reporting the death of a member

Member Education Sessions
(603) 410-3648; [email protected]
Questions regarding Member Education Sessions; requests to host a Member Education Session

Insurance and Medical Subsidy
(603) 410-3675; [email protected]
Insurance or Medical Subsidy related questions

DRS Support
(603) 410-3508; [email protected]
Username and password requests to access the DRS