Watch Out for 'Scammy' Emails

Dec 02, 2022

It seems like every few months we are contacted by a member or retiree asking if an email they received was legitimate. The fact that they have to ask us almost always means the email wasn’t from NHRS.

Unfortunately – or maybe “annoyingly” is a better word – third parties sometimes send out emails containing a link to sign up for a “free” counseling session. Typically, these emails are from marketing companies looking to capture your demographic information for sales purposes. These emails have subject lines designed to create a false sense of urgency, such as, “Schedule your NHRS appointment now” or “Your NHRS Retirement Benefits Deserve Your Attention.”

NHRS does, from time to time, send out news releases, newsletters, and emails listing upcoming general information events, but we do not send unsolicited emails to set up individual one-on-one appointments. We also don’t partner with any third parties. (And, in case you were wondering, we don’t share your email address with anyone.)

Suspicious emails, voicemails, and other solicitations are an unfortunate part of everyday life. Knowledge is the best defense for your personal information and financial well-being. If you ever receive an unsolicited communication that purports to be from NHRS, please let us know by emailing If we get widespread reports of any emails making the rounds, we’ll post an alert on our website and possibly send out an alert email, as well.

Members looking for information about NHRS benefits are encouraged to go directly to the source. We provide many different ways for you to stay informed:

  • Visit our website,, to learn about benefits, download forms, find answers to frequently asked questions, and get updates on legislation.
  • Attend a live member education webinar. Visit, to find an upcoming presentation.
  • Visit our YouTube page to view recorded presentations.
  • Sign up for My Account through our website to view your personal account information.