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DRS Upgrade Blog

This blog contains information for employers specifically related to the upgrade of the NHRS Data Reporting System (DRS). For general employer information, please visit our main employer page.

Data Conversion Topics

Jun 24, 2021

While the scheduled implementation of the upgrade to the Data Reporting System (DRS) is still nearly two years away, NHRS has begun the process of identifying data currently reported by employers that will not be compatible with the new DRS. We are notifying employers about these issues now in an effort to provide ample time for them to make the necessary changes to their reporting submissions. Employers are encouraged to make these changes as soon as practicable.

Teachers reported as FT10 vs. FT12 – Some employers currently report Teacher members as FT12, and that does not generate an exception. However, once we go live with the new DRS, Teacher members must be reported as FT10 and it will no longer be acceptable to report them as FT12.

Pay period date adjustments to accommodate multiple payments for a single pay period – There are some employers that, when clearing the exception for multiple payments within a single pay period, adjust the pay dates by shortening the pay periods for each payment to fall within the overall pay period without overlapping. In the upgrade to the DRS, pay periods will be well-defined and set for each employer, which means multiple payments within the same pay period will need to be combined into a single payment in order to not generate an exception.