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XML Test Files

Last Updated: January 2023

Note: Employers are not being asked to submit test files at this time. 

This page contains resources for submitting XML test files to NHRS via secure email. These files will be imported into the version 3 DRS by NHRS staff. Employers will be notified if their test file is valid, or if there are any issues with the file.

This process is required for all employers who submit monthly wage and contribution data to NHRS via file upload. Employers who report by web-entry are not required to send a test file. 

If you have questions about the information below, please email

Submitting a Test File

To ensure that new files are accepted in Version 3, employers must submit test files. NHRS has provided instruction for submitting these files, as well as a link to the XML schema verification tool.

Please email test files securely through the NHRS Zix Secure Message Center. If you do not already use a secure email software, you can sign up for Zix for free using the link below.