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This blog contains information for employers specifically related to the upgrade of the NHRS Data Reporting System (DRS). For general employer information, please visit our main employer page.

Version 2/Version 3 Comparison

Feb 15, 2022

What changes can you expect to see when NHRS switches from PensionGold (PG) Version 2 to Version 3? The following links provide insight and comparisons between the two versions.

These documents were previously shared and reviewed by our Employer Working Group and several of the larger payroll software vendors. With some of these payroll companies, work is already under way on creating test files in the new format. The payroll companies we are currently working with are:

  • Tyler Technologies
  • BMSI
  • Harris Computer
  • PowerSchool
  • Checkmate

If your payroll provider is not on this list or if you use an in-house payroll system, we would encourage you to share this information and these documents with your IT staff.