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DRS Upgrade Blog

This blog contains information for employers specifically related to the upgrade of the NHRS Data Reporting System (DRS). For general employer information, please visit our main employer page.

Teacher Contract Survey

Sep 16, 2022
To ensure smooth transition from PGv2 to PGv3, NHRS has a few questions about teacher contracts for School Employers who submit monthly wage and contribution data via XML file or Web-entry.
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Request for Test Files - The Time is Now!

Sep 08, 2022
Employers who currently submit monthly wage and contribution data for active employees using an XML file should start submitting a test file of this information in the new V3 file layout as soon as possible.
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Sneak Peek at the New DRS Dashboard

Sep 06, 2022
Take a peek at the new DRS dashboard.
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Introducing Tiers

Jul 21, 2022
Another change employers will see in the new DRS is the way members are identified based on when they joined NHRS and/or became vested for a future pension benefit.
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Request for test files for PGV3 coming soon

Jun 29, 2022
Employers who currently submit an XML file will soon be asked to submit a test file of the new layout, while employers who submit using Web Entry should stay tuned for information regarding submissions.
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Updated PGV3 Documents

Jun 10, 2022
Two documents that were released in February of 2022 have been updated: the Version 2/Version 3 Comparison Spreadsheet and the PGV3 File Layout Design Document. These revised documents have been date stamped 6-6-22.
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What's changing with DRS upgrade – Part 2

Jun 01, 2022
This is our second communication focused on some of the process changes/enhancements that employers will experience with the new DRS.
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What's changing with DRS upgrade

May 03, 2022
This list describes the changes that will directly result from the reporting file format changes.
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Version 2/Version 3 Comparison

Feb 15, 2022
What changes can you expect to see when NHRS switches from PensionGold (PG) Version 2 to Version 3? We have posted some documents that provide insight and comparisons between the two versions.
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NHRS Employer Profile

Sep 29, 2021
NHRS has created an employer profile form for each employer containing certain contact and payroll details that we currently have on file. We are in the process of sending these profiles to each employer by email.
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Data Conversion Topics

Jun 24, 2021
NHRS has begun the process of identifying data currently reported by employers that will not be compatible with the new DRS. We are notifying employers about these issues now in an effort to provide ample time for them to make the necessary changes to their reporting submissions. Employers are encouraged to make these changes as soon as practicable.
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Introducing Operation Granite Wave

Jun 21, 2021
As most employers are already aware, NHRS is in the midst of a multi-year upgrade of its pension database product, known as PensionGold (PG). The employer Data Reporting System (DRS) is a component of PensionGold, so this upgrade will impact member, retiree, and insurance reporting by our participating employers. To help employers distinguish between upgrade-related communications and all other messaging from NHRS, we have created a project name and logo for this effort
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