DRS Upgrade News Archive


  • What's changing with DRS upgrade (May 2022): Our next round of communication will focus on some of the specific updates / enhancements that employers will experience with the new DRS. This list of topics describes the changes that will directly result from the reporting file format changes.

  • PGV3 Employer Training Preferences Survey (April 2022): NHRS is beginning to develop employer training plans and would appreciate your input. We've created the above survey to gauge employer preferences when it comes to developing training plans and materials. Please take this brief survey to let us know what your training preferences are.

  • V2-V3 comparison documents, file layout (February 2022): For those employers who submit their monthly wage and contribution reporting via file upload, what changes can you expect to see when NHRS switches from Version 2 to Version 3? We have posted documents that will provide insight and comparisons between the two versions, as well as some of the details behind the Version 3 file layout.

  • FAQ: Data Reporting System Upgrade (December 2021): NHRS has created this set of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to provide employers with general information about the employer reporting project. This FAQ will be updated as additional questions arise or circumstances warrant. As we get farther along, we expect to create additional FAQs on specific components of the project
  • NHRS Employer Profile (September 2021): NHRS has created an employer profile form for each employer containing certain contact and payroll details that we currently have on file. We are in the process of sending these profiles to each employer by email. This project has been completed. Thank you for your participation.

  • Data Conversion Topics (June 2021): While the scheduled implementation of the upgrade to the Data Reporting System (DRS) is still nearly two years away, NHRS has begun the process of identifying data currently reported by employers that will not be compatible with the new DRS. We are notifying employers about these issues now in an effort to provide ample time for them to make the necessary changes to their reporting submissions. Employers are encouraged to make these changes as soon as practicable.

  • DRS Upgrade Information for Employers (June 2020): NHRS is in the early stages of a multi-year upgrade of its pension administration database software, known as PensionGold (PG). The upgrade from Version 2, which has been in operation since 2002, to Version 3 is expected to be completed in 2023. The employer Data Reporting System (DRS) is a component of PensionGold, so this upgrade will have an impact on member, retiree, and insurance reporting by our participating employers.

  • 2020 Employer Questionnaire (February 2020): NHRS is seeking some general information from all employers which is extremely important to this project. If you have not already submitted your responses, please click on the link above. This survey is closed.